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Flexible contracts, time tracking and multi currency payouts and to put your freelancer management on autopilot.

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Businesses love Lancr

Fast growing businesses and freelancers love using Lancr to save time and money.


How Lancr Works

Connect your bank account and add freelancers

Our system uses local payment methods like ACH, SEPA and Pre Authorized Debit to ensure low payments for international payments. Add yoru freelancers with 1 click and we will take care of the rest.

Create contracts in USD, EUR or CAD

Save 75% vs other freelance platforms


Create a contract with limits and approval rules

Create contracts that make sense for your workforce, without all of the extra admin. Track time in one place and approve work or make it automated.

Weekly, monthly, fixed rate ... you can do it all

Never worry about time tracking and payments again

Powerful time tracking software for weekly and monthly contracts. Approval and auto-approval workflows. Automated invoices. You may even forget that you are using our system!


How much time have you lost tracking time sheets and paying out people?

Every second and dollar you waste on other platforms or doing it yourself is better spent with clients or investing in your business.

Trust us, we built this to solve the same issue for ourselves!

Features that save time and money

Create Contracts

Create hourly or fixed contracts that can be paid out in any frequency. Contracts can be in USD, EUR or CAD.

Manage Approvals

Contracts can be auto approved so you can sit back and let the system take care of things - or you can have the final say with an approval queue.

Powerful Time Tracking

Freelancers input their timesheets on a weekly or monthly basis with a full audit trail and history.

Contracting Party of Record

We take care of the legal compliance related to managing your contractors, just add them and get back to work!

Payout Globally

It doesn't matter where your contractor is - we will take your local payment method and use the cheapest, and most convenient route for your freelancer, wherever they are

Reporting Tools

Download payment history or sync your payments to Quickbooks with our accounting integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and answers for payments with Lancr

How much does this cost?

We have two pricing plans, depending on your use case. For both plans there are $0 fees charged to the business.

We make money by charging a small spread on foreign exchange and a small processing fee to the freelancer, which often saves them up to 80% compared to other freelancer platforms or credit card processing if they use Stripe or other tools. We do this by enabling local payment methods for the and then use our SmartRoute technology to pay out an efficient manner.

If you need accounting reconcilliation through our integrations, we charge $9 per active freelancer.

Why do you keep talking about multi currency contracts ? Why does this matter?

Heres a client use case we encountered recently. The client was based in Europe and was using one of the main freelancer platforms to pay their freelancers, also in Europe. This issue was, the freelancer platform has USD as their platform currency. This means that on top of the 5% fee to the business and 20% fee to the freelancer, both were also experiencing a 2-3% currency conversion fee on both ends!

With Lancr, as a business you can set your currency of your contracts in USD, CAD or EUR and avoid these extra currency conversions where applicable. In situations where there is conversion needed, we use the mid rate to save you as much as possible.

What countries do you support?

We support busineses and freelancers from all countries in the world. That being said, we specialize in North American (US/Canada) and European companies paying international freelancers which are typically a little more complicated.

Can I have control over approvals ?

Yes! You can set contract approvals to happen weekly or monthly, depending on the frequency.

What kind of contracts and payment frequencies do you support ?

You can create limited hourly contracts, fixed hourly, fixed rate contracts and milestone contracts.

These can be paid out weekly, bi weekly or monthly.

For example you could have:
- A hourly contract with a limit 0f 10 hours a week, that is paid weekly and auto approved
- A monthly contract with a limit of 20 hours as week, paid monthly
- A weekly or monthly contract that is a fixed rate of $500 per week/month

And anything else you can think of!

We're better than all our competition

See the Lancr difference - stop wasting time, energy and crazy fees with the rest. Automate your freelancer management.

Local Payment Methods
Support USD,EUR, CAD
Contract approvals
5% to business
20% to freelancer
$59 p/contractor
$600+ p/employee
15-30$ wire fees
3%+ currency fees
Time tracking
Instant payouts
Contract Types
Limited hourly, Milestone
Only fixed


Lancr charges no monthly fees and no payment fees to businesses. Try it out, no credit card required.

Unlimited contractors
$0 fees to business
Most Popular
Unlimited contractors
0% fees to business
Enhanced Reporting
Accounting Reconcilliation