Pay your Freelancers in Argentina from Canada using Pre Authorized Debit

Lancr helps you pay your freelancers in Canada using your local payment methods such as Pre Authorized Debit which saves your fees compared to credit card

Freelancers from Canada are typically used for services such as Digital marketing, IT services, creative fields and cost between $5 - $30

Trusted by growing agencies across the world

Flexible contracts, time tracking and multi currency payouts and to put your freelancer management on autopilot.


How Lancr Works

Connect your bank account and add freelancers

Our system uses local payment methods like ACH, SEPA and Pre Authorized Debit to ensure low payments for international payments. Add yoru freelancers with 1 click and we will take care of the rest.

Create contracts in USD, EUR or CAD

Save 75% vs other freelance platforms


Create a contract with limits and approval rules

Create contracts that make sense for your workforce, without all of the extra admin. Track time in one place and approve work or make it automated.

Weekly, monthly, fixed rate ... you can do it all

Never worry about time tracking and payments again

Powerful time tracking software for weekly and monthly contracts. Approval and auto-approval workflows. Automated invoices. You may even forget that you are using our system!

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